Why Switchlift

So, the Switchlift is an impressive piece of equipment. But why do I need one?

As potters, our bodies are the most important tool we possess - period.


Have you ever experienced back pain associated while sitting at your wheel for any amount of time?

The Switchlift not only gives you the option of sitting while working, but it also lets you work in a more comfortable and ergonomic position while standing. 

The Switchlift will change the way you work – for the better.


Other important studio aspects:

Alleviate redundancy in the studio; the Switchlift allows you to do multiple tasks at various levels, reducing the need for a dedicated trimming wheel, throwing wheel, etc..

It has a small footprint that can easily be moved around the studio

Whether you throw or sculpt, imagine being able to do your work from a stable, adjustable platform that allows you to scale up or down on demand.


How can I justify the cost of the Switchlift? 

The Switchlift, much like a kiln, wheel, slab roller, or pug mill is yet another tool that can help us accomplish our creative goals.  It allows us to work in a more ergonomic way; making the work we do more gentle on the body and may ultimately help deter the onset of back pain or may help alleviate existing back pain. 

How much money could you ultimately save, year after year, if you didn’t have to pay for chiropractic, and medical costs often associated with treating lower back pain? 

Also, as a formal piece of studio equipment one would be able to depreciate the cost of the equipment on your yearly taxes.

The Switchlift is also proudly fabricated and assembled by a small, family owned and operated business in the USA.


Recently it has been claimed that sitting is the new cancer

Check out these supporting links:

From the American Cancer Society, http://www.cancer.org/myacs/illinois/do-not-just-sit-there

From Physical Therapy, Journal of the American Physical Therapy Association and the Royal Dutch Society for Physical Therapy, http://ptjournal.apta.org/content/60/6/765

Excerpt from above PT journal: “The use of tables at the proper height is essential. Patients with back pain should alter their work environment or, if alterations are not possible and back pain becomes chronic, pursue a different line of work.” pg.40-41