For Schools & Educators

The Switchlift was designed by a professional studio potter and certified K-12 Art Educator. 

Tim realized the need for an adjustable work platform when his daughter became old enough to begin behind the wheel and needed to stand on a chair to reach his elevated wheel. This was often precarious and got him thinking there had to be a better way. As a member of numerous online professional communities, Tim also observed that on very regular basis there were artists looking for a solution to their debilitating back pain they associated with throwing while seated. This frustrated Tim and got him asking “why”. 

Why do we as educators insist on teaching our students, a posture  - a method of throwing that will ultimately lead to back pain?  Why do we start them off at a disadvantage? Why do we teach them in such a way that is bound to cause them health issues down the road? 

We talk about and discuss the need for safety when it comes to dry ingredients,  glaze chemistry, the importance of keeping a clean studio, etc., but it never seems that the actual body posture of the artist is discussed. 

We can change that. With the Switchlift – the ability to teach students in a more ergonomic position is now possible. Regardless of the students height, the Switchlift can accommodate with the simple push of a button.

Help us start a teaching revolution in the world of ceramics  -  Let’s reinvent the wheel together. 

Special Considerations Built Into the Switchlift:

  • Powdercoated Steel and Stainless Steel construction for durability and ease of cleaning
  • No scissoring mechanism means no pinch points
  • Heavy duty rolling wheels make moving the Switchlift around the studio an easy one person task.
  • Set up is as easy as placing your existing wheel on the platform and plugging it in – simple as that.